A path To fresh feeding

What Fresh Feeding means to us...

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding also known as 'BARF'.

Is the feeding of cats as carnivores and dogs as omnivores, taking the diet back to basics and as close to the original way they would have eaten in the wild. Our recipes cater perfectly for both species and we firmly believe that is the optimum way of feeding your pets for their health and well-being. The standard model is 80:10:10, 80% Meat, 10% Offal and 10% Bone. You will find our recipes do not conform to this conventional model as we believe the bone content to be too heavy and derive natural sources of calcium from other ingredients within our recipes.

Not only do we use fresh, prime cuts of meat but we also use all organic vegetables, oils, herbs and minerals to balance our recipes.

All our raw is handmade and blast frozen after portioning for extra freshness.

Just some of the reported benefits of raw feeding

• Improved Digestion.

• Strengthen Immune system.

• Appetite stimulant.

• Improve resistance to allergies.

• Reduced risk of food intolerances.

• Smaller, firmer less frequent and greatly reduced odour to poos.

• 173 out of 218 dog owners reported a shinier coat and noticeable improvements in skin condition (Source: Raw meat-based diets for dogs; survey of owners' motivations, attitudes and practices, 2019)

• Stabilises energy levels - Increases energy levels in older cats and dogs. / Reduces hyperactivity in younger animals.

• Ideal weight management - If overweight, easier to manage weight loss, if opium weight easier to maintain.

• Less flatulence.

• Reduced joint and skin inflammatory conditions.

• Benefits to dental health and fresher breath.

• Due to the high moisture content, raw diets could reduce the risk of certain urinary tract issues in cats. (Source; Effects of Feeding a Raw Food Diet on the Health of Adult Cats, 2003)

What are the misconceptions surrounding raw feeding?

Often people are nervous of feeding a raw diet, the most common reasons are usually:

• Worms – typically come from the environment and not from meat consumed as NutriWolds only uses human grade food completely DEFRA approved, it is supplied to you frozen which kills any possible worm/parasites.

• Behaviour – whilst it is can be the case energy levels are promoted by raw feeding, especially in older animals, there is also a myth that raw feeding will somehow make your pet “bloodthirsty” by giving them a “taste for it”, however the opposite is true, a Fresh Food diet is more easily digested and isn’t full of the processed derivatives and additives which are usually salts and carbohydrates found in most conventional kibble foods. These types of foods have just the same effects they would on us and our children, sugar highs and withdrawal lows.

• Bacteria – at NutriWolds we are DEFRA approved and part of that process involves regular testing of batches of food that we produce, however we go further than the minimum and we test all batches made at UKAS accredited and DEFRA approved laboratories for the presence of Salmonella and E.coli. Provided you follow our feeding recommendations thoroughly there should be no reason why levels would become harmful to you or your pet. Remember in the wild, Cats and Dogs would hunt their pray often seeking weak and vulnerable animals and as such have stomach acid to kill bacteria which could be harmful to them.

• Pets diets have evolved – Human intervention in the creation of kibbles has normalised the feeding of bland, dry diets which are highly processed and full of sugar, salt and carbohydrate derivatives however our pet’s digestive systems haven’t evolved with time.

Feeding Raw Safely


Please following the recommendation as stated on our packaging. We recommend that you defrost in the fridge and serve raw at room temperature. Once defrosted you may portion and refreeze once. Any food not served may be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.


We recommend washing your hands in warm soapy water before and after handling, always ensure the preparation area if cleaned before/after serving. We recommend a ceramic, cedar or bamboo bowl/board.

Safe disposal

Our packaging sleeve is recyclable, and our cartons are made from Bagasse which is a by-product of the cane sugar industry making it a completely natural and biodegradable product that you can put safely in the bin.

Did you know that our raw packaging is coated in touch safe, touch safe kills 99.9% of all bacteria.

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We think our Raw is a good as it gets....