Our all im-paw-tant environmental message

Looking out for the environment

Our pledge to the world

Packaging reduction and reuse is something close to our heart, and to lighten the paw prints on the environment our packaging has been carefully considered to offer the best protection to both our products and our precious planet.

We will continue working hard to grow our business whilst minimising its environmental impact.


We are very proud to say that raw packaging is predominantly biodegradable even down to our inks, glues and safe coating! We are also able to offer a larger sized pack at 1kg as well as the industry standard 500g. Made from bagasse which is a by-product of sugar cane, they can go in your general and/or garden waste bins.

The raw carton sleeves are made from paper which is currently seeking biodegradable certification, presently fully recyclable.

Also pretty special, are our tins, when searching for a supplier we were told BPA free would not be possible for pet food, however we stuck to our guns and are delighted to have found a partner who could offer this!

The paper is recyclable, the tins are recyclable PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and BPA (bisphenol A) free and once again the glues and inks are biodegradable.

After careful and considered R&D on our dry packaging we have opted for a high recycled content (whilst still being food safe) and also full recyclable, for a truly circular economy. we believe we have chosen the best way to keep the produce fresh, especially since we do not have any preservatives in our food whilst excluding single use plastic.

Many of the biodegradable claims on paper and plastic or paper/plastic laminates just aren’t transparent, in the fact they it would take hundreds if not thousands of years to biodegrade, and when they did they would turn to microplastics which are very dangerous for the environment.

Parcels in Transit

In transit, we use lightweight recycled and recyclable carboard boxes (though robust enough to keep the product safe), to keep the product frozen we use Sheep wool liners, they are encased in plastics, but it is fully and widely recyclable so that it can be kept in a circular economy. We offer a collection service on our wool liners.

Finally our tape is fully biodegradable, Kraft paper and inks, the gum is activated by water and its also totally biodegradable.

We use minimal single use plastic in our inhouse production.

All our leaflets are made from recycled card and even our business cards are made from recycled T-Shirts!


Our raw packaging sleeves have been coated with SafeTouch™, which is designed for controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi on substrates without affecting the colour or transparency. This specialist coating inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9% over a 24-hour period and this technology can be widely used in health services to help fight superbugs including Covid-19. SafeTouch™ safely inhibits microbial growth and will last the lifespan of the sleeve.

Carbon Neutral

Many of our suppliers are carbon neutral, which is something we are working towards in consultation with the University of York to achieve within our first year.

Ellen McCather Foundation

We always try to apply the restorative and regenerative design set by the Ellen McCather Foundation for a Circular Ecconomy which is an initiative we feel passionate about and fully support.