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Before contacting us please take a few moment to read through the FAQs we have put together for you, they will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure you have all the information you may need.

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  • How have your products been developed to be so naturally nutritious?

    When we looked at the pet food market and what is available, we soon realised that although complete, many were not balanced and did not have the best nutritional values. 

    We strongly believed that we could achieve better than what was available out there for our pets, and we enlisted the support of the industry's best to help us turn our dream into reality.  We soon realised that if the nutrition were optimal there would be no need for additives or shortcuts.

    All our food range is free from preservatives, fillers, synthetic minerals and vitamins, we rely solely on fresh and natural ingredients to give our precious pets everything they need to thrive.

  • What do you mean by ‘a path to fresh feeding’?

    Fresh is best and offers optimal nutrition for our pets; but we understand that not everyone will want to feed raw.  We did not want to leave those pets out of our feeding journey.  We have researched for almost 2 years, and made no compromises to find our supply partners and have developed our recipes with world leading experts to ensure all our products have the freshest ingredients possible.

    When you start your pet(s) on NutriWolds feeding journey, you will be joining our path to fresh feeding. 

    If you currently feed dry then straight switching to our better baked bite couldn't be easier!

    We hope you soon notice the health benefits and try adding our wet and fresh raw.

    Wherever you choose to start on your feeding journey we would encourage adding fresh to your pet’s diet.

  • Are all your products really suitable for both cats and dogs?

    Yes! It is very simple really, Cats and Dogs can often eat the same thing! Despite the pet food industry heavily segregating the cat food and dog food markets, both cats and dogs have very similar dietary requirements; fresh and nutritious food! After all, they can both eat biologically appropriate meals, Cats are Carnivores and Dogs are Omnivores but both can thrive on a diet of meat and a small amount of fruit & vegetables, herbs & minerals, just as they would in the wild.

    It is important not to feed conventional cat and dog food to both pets, because most conventional food has not been speciality made for both like NutriWolds.

    We promise our meals will not make your cat start barking, nor will your dog start meowing!

  • Can I feed the same NutriWolds product to my puppy/kitten and my older dog/cat?

    Of course. The reason some pet foods are divided into life stages is due to the nutritional cuts/loss made in processing the food and/or the premixes and fillers added to the food.

    We do not take anything out of our food or add any fillers or additives to our food so there is no reason why your puppy and senior dog or kitten and cat cannot enjoy the same delicious and nutritious meal.

  • Where are your products made?

    Our raw is made at NutriWolds HQ at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.

    For our Wet and Dry we tried very hard to find a UK supplier, unfortunately, though they all said they could make food easily to our specification, none were bold enough to commit to us and disrupt the market, thankfully after an extensive search, we found one of the best baked facilities in the world, in Germany with over 120 years’ experience in hand crafting baked products they truly are experts in their field and synonymous with quality ingredients and manufacturing techniques.

    Our all organic tins are also made in Germany at a world class facility with high priority on ethical and environmental responsibility, they were a perfect partner for NutriWolds!

  • Why do your products cost more than some other pet foods?

    Our pet food is crammed with fresh ingredients, organic & free range where possible, and farmer assured as a minimum to ensure our products are the best they can be for your pets.

    Often nutrients in pet food rely on synthetic premixes because the best ingredients are taken from the food and are replaced with bulky cheap fillers, fresh meat is replaced with processed synthetic protein derivatives which are simply not natural. Whereas our fresh ingredients provide all the natural nutrients without any compromise.

    Naturally, fresh ingredients costs more but we have endeavoured to make all ranges as affordable, and compared to many we offer good savings on fresher quality.

  • What is the recommended portion size of your pet food?

    The nutritional requirement of individual Cats and Dogs varies according to size, age and activity level. The information we give on our packaging is intended only as a guide, if you check our feeding calculator, which offers a detailed recommendation tailored to your precious pets needs.

    Any specific dietary requirement should always be considered under consultation with your veterinary clinician.

  • Where can I find your products?

    Our products are available online via our website shop here or stocked by various regional retailers, check our Stockists to find your local source of NutriWolds.

  • What is the shelf life of all your products?

    All our products have a 12 month shelf life from date of production

  • Are your ingredients locally sourced?

    We have tried to source local ingredients where possible and these include but are not limited to;

    • Free Range Herb Fed Chicken.

    • Farmer Assured Beef and Lamb, grass fed on the rolling hills of Yorkshire.

    • Sea Grown Seaweed – Wild grown and hand picked at low tide from the shores of Scarborough.

    • All Organic Vegetables from Yorkshires Organic Pantry.

  • Why does there seem to be variation in colour throughout your products?

    Our commitment to using natural herbs and botanicals means that occasionally, you may notice differences in colour within our products. Despite our rigorous mixing processes, the inherent characteristics of these natural ingredients may cause some separation. The herbs may present themselves in one part of the pack causing some parts of the food to be a different colour to the rest. This separation is entirely normal and does not affect the quality or taste of our products. We recommended giving the product a gentle mix before serving.

    We take pride in producing NutriWolds with the finest ingredients, and the colour variations you observe are a testament to the authenticity of our commitment to natural products.

  • Nutrition

  • What does Balanced and Complete mean?

    Complete and balanced, means that the product provides your pet the right amount of nutrition in the right proportions of every single nutrient. Sufficient amounts of each nutrient play a vital role in growth, development, health maintenance and well being. Those nutrients include the right amounts in the right proportions of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids to be balanced.

    Complete is defined as able to sustain life.

    FEDIAF is the European Governing Body for Pet Food Regulation.

    We would recommend that variety is the spice of life, and to make sure you give your pets options on flavours and textures, all which can be found in the NutriWolds range.

  • Is your food Vet Approved?

    Yes, as well as working with with MRCVS registered vets we've been lucky enough to have a German feline specialist who has scrutinised all our recipes to ensure their suitability, based on recipe and UKAS accredited analytics.

  • Who formulated your recipes?

    Our 7 magnificent raw recipes have been formulated by a UK and world leading animal nutritionist.

    We have also been lucky enough to work with our supply partners expert nutritionists, our baked bites have over 120 years hand crafting baking experience to note.

    Our all organic tins were a real team effort and we are very proud to have made such a leap with a worlds first balanced and completed to FEDIAF with no added premix!

  • What does FEDIAF mean?

    FEDIAF is the European Pet Food Industry Federation. They set the standards for the requirements what goes in our pets foods.

  • What does to FEDIAF and beyond mean?

    This means that not only does our food conform to all FEDIAF's minimum and maximum levels of nutritional value, but we have also given extra thought to making our pets meals a true eating experience.

    This is things like texture, variety, flavour and digestion aids like pumpkin seeds in our raw which acts as a natural cleanser.

  • Enviromental

  • Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

    Yes! A lot of research and commitment has gone into learning what is truly best for for both our planet and products protection and how we can reflect this when it comes to packaging in particular.

    Our dry packaging is recycled and recyclable for a truly circular economy.  Biodegradable in plastics, even paper feel would take hundreds of years to biodegrade and often the inks and glues used are not biodegradable and even once it does break down it doesn’t ever truly disappear, the tiny particles often end up in our oceans.

    Our Tins are made from BPA free metal which is widely and eternally recyclable and our sleeves are recyclable paper with biodegradable inks and glues.

    Our raw food packaging is particularly special because:

    • Our Eco Pouches are Compostable, Biodegradable and Ocean-Friendly
    • Made in the UK
    • Crafted from a range of natural products including eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn starch
    • We ship in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes and they insulated with wool liners for which we offer a collection service to reuse. The wool is encased in plastic, but it is fully and widely recyclable.
    • The packaging tape we use is biodegradable Kraft paper and we use biodegradable gum (glue) which is activated simply with water.

    Our journey towards sustainability extends beyond biodegradable packaging. We're actively working to eliminate single-use plastics throughout our production process, striving towards a future where every NutriWolds choice is a step towards a greener world.

  • Are you carbon neutral?

    It is something which we are working on in consultation with the University of York for 2021/2022.

  • Is your food Human grade?

    Yes all our food, in all our ranges is fresh, human grade food, as a minimum it is Farmer Assured and sustainably farmed/fished but also a large proportion is Free Range, Organic and Wild.

  • Do you offer a return scheme on wool liners?

    Yes we do, and to ensure returns are Covid safe they are placed in a holding area for 72 hours before being recycled into use. For details on our return scheme, please click here or contact

  • Fresh Feeding - lets talk Raw

  • I have heard raw pet food can be dangerous, how do you avoid these dangers?

    Raw pet food is sometimes associated with harmful bacteria.

    At NutriWolds we source our ingredients from local and reliably fresh sources, places we as humans would happily eat food from.

    All our batches are tested for bacteria and we have strict procedures in place for stock release and recall.

    Not only this, but our packaging sleeves are coated in SafeTouch™, an antimicrobial coating. The unique silver technology has been successfully tested against over 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella Listeria, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus Niger and even Covid-19.

    We are DEFRA licenced and work with them to ensure we maintain high levels of quality systems which safeguard the quality of our food and procedures.

  • Can my pet be fed an exclusively raw diet?

    Yes. This is what we believe to be the absolute best option for your pet’s health and wellbeing. This is the final destination on our path to fresh feeding, however a straight swap from kibble to an exclusively raw diet may be a bit sudden for your pet which is why we recommend gradually adding into your pets diet over a week. 

    Raw is the way forward when it comes to our precious pets optimum health.

  • Would raw food be too rich for my pet?

    We recognise that raw food is rich in nutrients and a straight and sudden swap to raw from kibble may be too abrupt for some of our pets. Therefore, at the heart of NutriWolds is a tiered ‘path to fresh feeding’ for you to join at any stage.

    Our dry food range has lots of fresh ingredients to introduce an element of fresh into your pet’s diet.

    Our wet food is a step closer to raw as it introduces more fresh ingredients and nutrients, it is cooked and has no synthetic pre-mixes or artificial preservatives.

    Finally our raw pet food….is the best you can get.  We recommend introducing slowly with your pets current food, over a week, reducing your pets current food as you add more raw until all of your pets diet is raw. The ultimate way to fresh feed.

  • Do you plan on doing an all organic Raw?

    Yes, we are planning on all further range expansion of existing flavours to be an elevation to Free Range and Organic.

  • Can you freeze NutriWolds products and if so, do you need to defrost them before feeding?

    Our dry and wet products are not suitable for freezing. Our raw food arrives frozen, so you will need to store this in the freezer. You do need to defrost before serving; we recommend defrosting it in the fridge and serving at room temperature. Once defrosting begins you can portion your pet’s meals and refreeze up to once more.

  • What does DEFRA approved/licence mean?

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Each Raw pet food manufacturer has to adhere to a strict code of conduct in order to DEFRA licence to manufacture and sell raw pet food.

    Our DEFRA Licence is 51/401/8103 ABP/PTF

  • How should I store raw pet food?

    Our raw food is frozen, so it needs to be stored in the freezer.

  • Do I need to prepare or cook raw food before feeding?

    Our raw food is designed to be served raw. Therefore, there is no need to cook it before feeding. Our food also contains bone and it is dangerous to feed cooked bone.

    We recommend defrosting our raw food in the fridge and serve at room temperature.

  • Can the Raw meat sometimes stick to the inside of the container?

    Yes, some of the product can stick sometimes, we find sitting the tub in a shallow bowl of warm water before you serve it ensures the contents slide out more readily.  We think this is a small compromise to remain as eco friendly as possible.  We always slightly overfill on weight to ensure if it sticks you still get a 500g and 1kg.

    Our container is compostable / fully biodegradable.

  • Delivery

  • What is your minimum order?

    On dry and tinned you may order as little as a single 2kg bag or 400g tin. However remember if you spend over £40 then delivery is free!

    To ensure that our frozen raw food stays frozen we offer two sizes of boxes, one holds 8 kilos (8x1kg or 16x500g) and the other 20 kilo (20x1kg or 40x500g).

  • Will my order be delivered if I am not in?

    Yes, we have given strict instructions for our deliveries to be delivered even if you are not in due to our raw food being frozen (this includes deliveries of our dry/wet food too), they should be left in a safe place in the shade if you are not home.

  • Do you deliver internationally?

    For our Dry and Wet ranges, yes we can on request and delivery would be charged at a special rate.

    For our raw, only by way of volume distribution but enquiries are welcome.

    Please email customer services to place your order.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Order before midday Tues-Thurs for same-day dispatch. Frozen orders placed after midday on a Thursday will be dispatched on the following Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday (to avoid potential defrosting).

  • How much is delivery?

    Orders over £40 are delivered free and for orders under £40 its just £5 delivery.

  • Returns

  • Can I return my purchase?

    Please see our Terms and Conditions for full terms of supply.

  • My delivery is damaged what should I do?

    Please email customer services we will endeavour to help.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Please email customer services