The NutriWolds Way

A Path to Fresh Feeding

Living in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds, having a true love of animals and a passion for raw feeding has been the inspiration for NutriWolds.

After months of researching for the best suitable food for both cats and dogs, the same question kept playing through our minds, why can’t our cats and dogs eat the same things? They can both eat meat, bone, offal, and small amounts of vegetables, herbs, minerals and oils so why was everything so segregated and so heavily marketed into just so many sections when we know in human food that quality, fresh and simple ingredients are the healthiest – why didn’t this translate to our pets bowls?...

And so, it seemed a natural progression to want to create something of our own, to offer the best to both worlds and so NutriWolds was born!

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Our Mission

Our Raw... our special raw recipes which are busting with full flavours and tantalising textures. 

At the heart of our philosophy is the careful selection of ingredients. We proudly source the majority of our produce from local UK ethical suppliers, with many nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire. Our dedication to nature-inspired nutrition is evident in our use of Herb Fed Chicken from Edward’s Farm in York – a truly delicious product that brings your pet as close to nature as possible.

For our beef and lamb, we prioritise farmer-assured, grass-fed, and locally supplied sources. Even our rabbits come from higher welfare farms to ensure ethical practices. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our Scottish salmon and North Atlantic Sea herring, both sourced responsibly.

We use only fresh, organic vegetables, locally sourced near York, and every raw recipe includes SeaGrown Seaweed from the North Sea at Scarborough.

We take meticulous care in the production of our food and blast freeze all our raw food straight after portioning to lock in the freshness.

The sixteen exceptional flavours are carefully crafted to cater to all life stages, suitable for both cats and dogs across various breeds.

Our Packaging... Made from a range of natural products, including corn starch, cassava and eucalyptus fibre, our Eco Pouches are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Having already been awarded a product and process innovation award, we know that we are on the right track and we hope you will join us on your own path to Fresh Feeding.


The lady behind the label


Founder & Top Cat!
I'm not a vet, nutritionist, a butcher, nor a farmers daughter but I am incredibly passionate about all things pets and I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady! As well as growing up owning a classic black and white mog (Pompom) and a rough collie (Lassie - don't judge I was only 4!), I have since been owned by British Shorthairs for almost two decades and in that time I have been an advocate of raw feeding, albeit by own embarrassment, admittedly ignorantly feeding a singular protein (still makes me cringe today!). In the last two years I have engrossed myself in all things Fresh Feeding and have wholeheartedly embraced a varied and complete diet for my pets.

Having worked for a world leading AA BRC accredited food packaging company the past 12 years, I have utilised much of my experience and contacts within the industry to offer the best supply of product, stringent quality systems and environmentally friendly packaging.

I have loved animals all my life and I am a keen show enthusiast and as well as showing my own cats I regularly judge at shows up and down the country.

Through my own journey I have learnt and am still learning so much about the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. My path has been one of wonderment and questions, questions which led me to want to do better, both for my own pets, and hopefully for yours. There have been many inspirations and people I am grateful to involved along the Wold's way who are fresh feeding trailblazers.

Meeting and learning from Dr. Nick Thompson BSc (Hons) Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS has to be the highlight for me so far and I look forward to continuing to work with Nick and other leading experts to promote and offer a fresher way of nourishing our precious pets.

We are very proud to have been recipients of the PAPI (Product and Process Innovation) initiative which was awarded to us in consultation with the University of York and the European Regional Development Fund.

On the horizon

We are already working hard in our test kitchen to bring more eating experiences for our your precious pets….