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Our Raw... our special raw recipes which are busting with full flavours and tantalising textures. We have meticulously sourced the majority of all produce from local UK ethical suppliers, many in the heart of Yorkshire, our Pork proudly from Anna’s Happy Trotters, Anna’s pork falls in the 1-2% of pork raised free range in the UK, we are very proud to have used Herb Fed Chicken from Edward’s Farm in York, a truly magnificent product as close to nature as we could find. All our beef and lamb are farmer assured grass fed and locally supplied. Our rabbits are farmed and imported due to limited availability of wild in the UK, but we have made sure they are also from higher welfare farms. Our salmon is Scottish, sustainable, as is our herring which from the North Atlantic Sea, all sustainably sourced.

All the vegetables we use are fresh Organic vegetables are from the Organic Pantry near York and we use SeaGrown Seaweed from the North Sea at Scarborough in every single one of our raw recipes.

We take meticulous care in the production of our food and blast freeze all our raw food straight after portioning to lock in the freshness.

The first magnificent 7 flavours to launch are uniquely for all life stages and for both cats and dogs of all breeds, in time our raw range will be developed and will include separate options for those who like to add more/less veg and we will cater for more specifics in sensitivity and specific health improvements and maintenance.

Our Tins... are a world’s first for wet food, are the very first to contain 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic premixes, additives and/or preservatives which are both balanced and complete to FEDIAF and beyond! With all organic ingredients and whole offal pieces they are full of flavour as well as offering texture and superfoods to enhance the health and wellbeing of our precious pets. We hope to expand this range to an inclusive 6 flavours.

Our Baked Bites... we have also taken the brave steps to add a baked bite and a world’s first wet to the NutriWolds portfolio, the whole ethos being we believe firmly from our own experience and being so involved in the world of Cats and Dogs that Fresh Feeding is a journey, and you have to start somewhere. We passionately believed that it was possible to make something truly better than what is available. We don’t want to leave animals that are not fed raw, no better options than most of today’s dry.

We found in abundance that the manufacturers would all agree, ‘yes its possible’ but no they wouldn’t make it, some called us niche, others worried about existing markets. We had feedback ‘it was over spec’ for dogs (poor dogs imagine having a food that was better than the basic needs!). All the while we stood firm for our cats and dogs and finally after nearly 2 years of research and looking for the right partners to work with, we are delighted to have turned our vision into a reality with products we can truly be proud of.

Our Packaging... is also hugely important to us, our dry food is packed in recycled/recyclable bags since we believe they are the best way to keep the produce fresh, especially since we do not have any preservatives in our food. Ours tins are also pretty special, BPA free and biodegradable paper labels, glues and inks. Our Raw range is almost entirely biodegradable, we are just waiting for the sleeve to be awarded their certification (currently fully recyclable), even the inks and glues are biodegradable.

Having already been awarded a product and process innovation award, we know that we are on the right track and we hope you will join us on your own path to Fresh Feeding.