Wool Liners Return scheme

Our Wool Liners

We keep our raw food frozen in transit by using wool insulation. The wool is kept safe encased in fully and widely recyclable plastic for a truly circular economy.

Because the finished raw cartons are completely clean the liners are suitable for further use and so we are delighted to offer a return service.

Return Your Liners for a £5 Discount

Our liners can be returned in sets of 6 for exchange of a £5 voucher to spend at NutriWolds.

When you have saved enough liners simply arrange a collection by emailing the team on paws@nutriwolds.co.uk they will arrange for DPD to collect and send your voucher code for you to redeem online.

Covid Safe

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 once the liners are returned they will be placed into a quarantined area in the warehouse for a minimum of 48 hours, before they are inspected, cleaned and moved back into circulation for further use.

Further consideration to making things as Covid safe for our customers is that our raw packaging sleeves have been coated with SafeTouch™, which is designed for controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi on substrates without affecting the colour or transparency. This specialist coating inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9% over a 24-hour period and this technology can be widely used in health services to help fight superbugs including Covid-19. SafeTouch™ safely inhibits microbial growth and will last the lifespan of the sleeve.