Rawest Rabbit and Ox Heart


Rabbit is a wonderful lean protein and a firm favourite with both cats and dogs. We have dual source supply for our rabbit, Wild Rabbit, whilst always our preference, is rarely available in volume throughout the year so in order to allow for continuity of supply we have also sourced Farmed Rabbit from certified EU higher ethical farms. The Beef used is Farmer Assured Grass Fed Ox Heart.

Made with whole rabbits.

This fantastic flavour is perfect for a lean, lower fat protein source.

All ethically and sustainably sourced and loving made at NutriWolds HQ. *Please note- the minimum order quantity is 8kg*

As with all our Rawest Range please feed as part of a varied diet for full balance (for fully balanced and complete see our Rare Bit of Rabbit).

Below is a list of common common nutrient deficiencies with whole prey and 80/10/10 completes

● Zinc
● Magnesium
● Manganese
● Iodine
● Vitamin E
● Vitamin D
● Omega-3s



All ingredients are Human Grade, rabbit is sourced either Wild or from Higher welfare farms, beef certified Farmer Assured Grass Fed. Whole Rabbit (75%), Farmer Assured Grass Fed Ox Heart (25%). *total bone content 15%*














Total kcal 100g/500g/1000g





Puppy Upto 4 months

Puppy Upto 6 Months

Puppy Upto 8 Months

Puppy Upto 12 Months

Adult 12 Months +

% of Body Weight








Adult Cat 12 months +

% of Body Weight



A bowl of fresh water should always be available 24/7.

We believe in offering feeding recommendations in calories gives a far better optimal nourishment.

Please head over to our Feeding Guide Calculator for a comprehensive feeding guide.

After handling raw food and when it has been consumed always ensure hands are washed with warm soapy water and thoroughly clean meal preparation/serving areas/tools.

“Cats are fussy” is often a notion associated with trying new foods and flavours, however most foods cats like to eat have been coated in tempting sprays or powders such as hydrolysed liver spray – how natural does that sound?! or they are loaded with carbs and sugars which are just no good for their health, no matter how fast they are eaten. We highly recommend if your cat does not love our Raw at first try that you try a gradual introduction to their existing food, making a phased transition over 5-10 days.

The nutritional requirement of individual Cats and Dogs varies according to size, age and activity level. The information given is intended only as a guide, and any specific dietary requirement should always be considered under consultation with your veterinary clinician.

*May contain/contains traces of nuts, dairy and fish/crustaceans.



We recommend that you defrost in own fridge and serve raw at room temperature.  Once defrosted you may portion and refreeze once. Any food not served may be stored in an airtight container away from other food in the fridge for up to 3 days.



  • For Cats or Dogs
  • For all Life Stages
  • No grain, no tripe fillers
  • No synthetic premixes, additives, or preservatives
  • Promotes health and well being
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Hand made by us
  • Sustainably biodegradable packaging



Manufactured from a range of natural products, including corn starch, cassava and eucalyptus fibre.

Our Eco Pouches are 100% compostable in domestic and commercial environments.

They are ocean-friendly too, as Eco Pouches dissolve in marine environments within 26 weeks.

The Eco Pouches are half the weight of our old packs and they are manufactured in the U.K, meaning that their carbon paw print is much less.

They are easy to defrost and serve with no sticking, which means an easy clean disposal with no waste.

Our raw is shipped in recyclable boxes and is insulated with Wool liners – read more on our Environmental page on how these can be returned for reuse and save you money in the process.


Rawest Rabbit and Ox Heart

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